PooBagger with Extension Handle

PooBagger® is the One-Step pooper scooper for removing animal waste from your lawn and property. With PooBagger, snap on ANY plastic bag, scoop up the waste, unsnap the bag into the trash. It’s a simple, durable and economical solution to remove dog or cat waste, goose droppings or any other animal waste that might be preventing your property from being clean and safe.

PooBagger® is molded of super-strong polymer composite material. Handle grip is made of high-density NPVC foam. Handle extension is black rolled steel tubing with standard acme thread and composite plastic hand grip. PooBaggerRing® is made of ABS Terluran for strength and spring shape memory. Simply snap bag into place with patented PooBaggerRing, pick up waste and unsnap bag into trash container.

Uses most household bags, newspaper bags, common dog poo bags and bio-degradable bags. Comfortable high-density NPVC foam handle grip. Thumbgrip stablizer. Extended teeth for reaching into grass. Hanger hole on PooBagger and on loop of handle extension for storage. The handle extension option screws into handle for further ergonomic comfort.